What kind of milk is the best for you and why? (between skim and 1%)?!

Question: What kind of milk is the best for you and why? (between skim and 1%)?

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Skim may have less fat but it has more sugar.

Actually whole milk is best, because without the fat, and the composition the way nature made it you cannot absorb the calcium from the milk, which is hard to absorb from milk anyway. If it is weight you are worried about, make sure your body gets all its trace minerals, all the vitamins minerals and protien it needs, from whole foods, and eventually your metabolism will start working right and burn off any excess fat, and then, it will stay off, especially your trace minerals, I find spiru-tean protien mix has everything in it you need, including enzymes, to do this. A friend went from 260 lbs to normal weight just by adding this to her terribly lousy diet! Otherwise I would say 1% at least it has some fat, and skim milk tastes so horrible I don't know how anyone can drink it.

Skim, because it has no fat.

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