Am I ordering this Starbucks drink right?!

Question: Am I ordering this Starbucks drink right?
I always get the same things at Starbucks, and I wanted to try something different. But since it's a new drink for me, I don't want to sound like an idiot lol.

"Grande Chai 2 pumps Vanilla Latte"

Is that the correct way to order?


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It depends on if you want a vanilla latte with two pumps of chai added to it; a chai with two pumps of vanilla in it.

If you want the the vanilla latte with two pumps of chai, you'd ask for a "grande two pump Chai vanilla latte. (I don't suggest this one because the chai and the espresso don't really taste well when they are mixed together)

If you want the chai tea latte with two pumps of vanilla, you'd ask for a grande two pump vanilla chai latte.

Grande drinks traditionally come with 4 pumps of syrup. Talls come with 3. Shorts with 2, and ventis have 5 pumps. Iced Ventis have 6.

Former Starbucks barista

If I'm not mistaken, a grande is automatically made with 2 pumps, so you can just say "Grande Chai Vanilla Latte". Just order how it feels comfortable and listen for how they repeat it back to you for future reference. Also, nobody will think your an idiot for not knowing how to order something. :)

That's the gay way to order.

Just say "Coffee thanks" and take life as it comes.

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