Bottled water or tap.?!

Question: Bottled water or tap.?
I feel I need to drink more water instead of tea/coffee . I am tossed between bottled water or tap water.
Bottled water makes me feel sick, but I am not sure if tap water contains chemicals, all your answers and opinions would be appreciated.


Due to the fact that tap water is recycled numerous times over, a number of tests are done to make sure that the water is drinkable.
There is nothing wrong with tap water although I would suggest you buy a filter for cleaner water.

Essentially water is more or less all the same everywhere, water bottled at the source can actually be worse since less tests are performed on them with the assumption that it is better.
This can lead to some minerals being present in higher quantities than you'd find in tap water.

Marketing and branding then puts a price on something that should essentially be free (even though tap water isn't free either).
Conclusion: Tap water is a wonderful thing

How can bottled water make you feel sick? That has to be psychological rather than physical unless you are allergic to plastics or are drinking flavoured water. Filtered water is the best option. Tap water has loads of chlorine, fluoride and oestrogens in it as well as other contminants such as heavy metals. Bottled water just creates more plastics that cannot be disposed of and the water is often of poor quality and very acidic. Best water of all is Kangen water which is alkaline, high in antioxidants, has a different molecular structure (like zamzam) so it is much easier to drink and absorbs six times faster. Byu the way, the kind of fluoride which is added to water cannot be absorbed by your body and has no effect whatsoever on teeth and bones and is just another poison to add to your toxic load.

Personally, I dislike the taste of the water in our area, but bottled water is not very eco-friendly - think of all that plastic / glass and the distance it has to travel to get to our shops.

The best compromise is to use tap water, but buy a water filtering jug such as Brita. It does improve the flavour and removes a lot of the nasty chemicals. I use one and it works fine. The initial layout will save you money in the long term if you buy bottled water/ The only time I buy bottled water is when I want sparkling water, which is my water of choice for yeasted doughs.


Bottled water is expensive and the environmental cost is massive too. Can you seriously believe we manufacture plastic bottles, fill them with water and ship them country to country when we've got perfectly good water coming out of the taps in our homes and workplaces??

Tap water isn't perfect chemicalwise but bottled isn't either, so if you're worried about chemicals use tapwater and get a high-quality filter jug to filter it before you drink.

I drink tap water, always have always will. It's been known that some bottled waters are just from the tap anyway! Obviously if i'm out and about and need a drink i'll buy bottled water, but i prefer tap water over most bottled waters. The only stipulation i have is that it must be ice cold. I cannot stand it straight from the tap as its never cold enough for my liking.

Millions of people have come to no harm by drinking tap water.

i personally drink tap. i prefer it. i dont if its safer for a fact becuase its different everywhere, but now a days there usaully putting chemicals to help us in tap water, anyways i never drink bottled water im healthy as a horse :) ok thats a lie but my problems are from a brain tumor i was born with and doctors actually tell me to drink tap instead of bottled water.

Usually I drink tap water - unless on holiday somewhere where tap water is not advised for non locals. Much UK tap water contains flouride which is good for maintaining healthy teeth.

on bottled water the source is usually sometown usa PWSD which stands for public water supply district meaning it is tap water

Boiled water is the best option but you got any problem with boiled then you can go for tap. you can examine first tab water have chemical or not ?

If bottled water makes you feel sick then drink Tap water, theres nothing wrong with it, in fact its good because it contains fluoride which is good for your bones and teeth :D

Bottle water or tap water - both of them are the same thing none of them is better than the other. Better you drink cool water.

Bottled water

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