Is 3 or more litres of water a day too much?!

Question: Is 3 or more litres of water a day too much?
I drink A LOT of water. I dont purposely fill myself up with it.. I drink about 600ml with every meal and then 600ml bottles of water in between meals and throughout the day. I normally find myself drinking more than 3 litres a day. Is this bad?

Please note that its summer in Australia so I sweat heaps and I also go to the gym. I'm a 15 year old girl by the way.


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Mmmm well, I don't think it's bad. If you're thirsty, drink water, if you're not, don't. You drink that much water because you're body needs it.

It could be a sign of diabetes, dough. Google the signs of diabetes just to be shure.

It seems you are a normal human being. Around 3 to 4 litre per day helps to stabilize body fluid. You will never get tired. In early morning if you consume 1 to 1.5 L water your left over food in the previous day will be washed up in your digestive system. The more water u drink it will purify your blood. Never drink too much of water before food. It will dissolve the acid in your stomach and causes digestive related troubles. Take more water after half an hour from the meal. It helps digestion. At night drink less water as the water has the tendency to get collected more in the urinary bladder it will spoil your good sleep.

In the UK, it is recommended that we drink at 2 litres per day, but unfortunately we don't get your hot weather, so I would say that 3 litres is about right, especially as you go to the gym. However, next time you go to the doctor, just mention it and see what he/she says.

only 20 glass of water

If you feel like drinking's never too much!

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