Why in the world is Gummi Berry Juice an alcoholic beverage?!

Question: Why in the world is Gummi Berry Juice an alcoholic beverage?
Ok, so i been on this nostalgia kick lately, watching cartoons i haven't seen in like forever and a month of sundays. One of them was Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Y'all remember those little guys and gals right? A sip of that deep red brew Grammi mixed up and they could bounce from here to the moon and back. Now My question is, if the juice in the cartoon had no alcohol, why slap its name on a drink thats meant for adults? im sure Disney never intended it that way.


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I am sure Disney has nothing to do with naming this cocktail, just like Jell-O has nothing to do with Jell-O shots. Who ever invented the drink thought the color and/or flavor reminded them of Gummi Bear candies.

Because they want th kids to know about alcohol :)

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