Does 5 hour energy shots really work?!

Question: Does 5 hour energy shots really work?
It's 8am and I can't sleep, I usually don't do the energy drinks, but i have stuff I have to do today like pay the car payment,etc.. and when I don't sleep I feel like I'm going to pass out and have an anxiety attack in the car I know I need sleep but my car payment has to be paid by 10 and I have other importatn stuff to do as well.

So I'd like to know do energy shots or drinks actually work if so which one is best that would keep me up without making me feel like a zombie or like I'm losing my mind lol.

I mean do they even help when you have no sleep?


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I have heard the one in the black bottle works better than the one in the red one. Just be careful and do not drink anything else with caffeine in it with those. and dont drink more than 1.

I know some people who do it, but i say do not be addicted to these stuff because they harm you.

it all depends on ut weight fat ppl r stored up with energy all ready so ya

No and they are gross!

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