Why does a bucket of salt and ice water cool down soda the fastest?!

Question: Why does a bucket of salt and ice water cool down soda the fastest?
7th grade hypothesis science fair form please?


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The salt lowers the freezing point of the water, allowing colder than usual water for the soda to sit in.

To understand why the water/ ice mixture gets colder when salt is added we need to remember that as ice molecules melt they absorb energy from the mixture by causing the water molecules to slow down. Equally, when water freezes to the ice it gives up its energy and in so doing causes the surrounding molecules to speed up a little, or in other words get hotter. In a pure water/ice mixture the rate of both processes is equal so the mixture doesn't heat up or get colder. When salt is added the rate of melting stays the same and therefore so does the rate of energy being absorbed from the mixture. But, the rate of water molecules freezing to the ice is reduced and therefore so is the amount of energy being released by this process. Net result: more melting than freezing means that more energy is being absorbed by the mixture than is being released to it. Net result: the mixture gets colder.

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