What is your favorite coffee?!

Question: What is your favorite coffee?
The best I have had is 100% Kona

New Orleans coffee and chicory is good too.

I would like to try something strong (caffeine!) and flavorful. Suggestions?


Tim Horton's is by far the best coffee i have ever had, it's not as strong as Starbuck's and tastes alot better!! But if im home it's Folgers classic roast.

I'm a truck driver so i know my coffee..

Jamaican Blue Mountain from Estate Coffee (England), Ground Coffee from Carte Noire (France), and Espresso from Illy (Italy) are so far few of my best tried.

Carmel Macchiato iced, stirred and with extra carmel!!!

Peet's Italian Roast

Kenco- i have no idea why but it's very strong and i love it!! :) best instant around x

mellow birds from the uk

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