How do you like your coffee?!

Question: How do you like your coffee?
I like latte's with a touch of cinnamon or vanilla :) delicious, how do you like your coffee? Do you like it at all? x


just like my women. Black

I like it black but got special coffees for Christmas and have been trying some of them at times, mostly
when I am not in a hurry and want to relax. Of the flavors I like Vanilla the best. I am a coffee lover tho
and just black is best.

I love coffee. I drink mine with milk and no sugar but when i go out for a meal, i will have an espresso with sugar. I hate anything added to my coffee like cinnamon, vanilla or caramel.

I love coffee, but usually I drink it black otherwise it takes away from the flavor of the actual coffee. However my favorite is the orange mocha latte at my local cafe. Yum

it's weird, but i don't like it too hot. but i pretty much completely get rid of the taste of the coffee by drowning it in creamer and sugar!

I like it made like tea,with hot water and some milk in the top of the cup,no sugar.I like it even more when it,s made by someone else! Now,where is my husband.....................?

I like my coffee with just milk and I do like cappuccino with chocolate sprinkle on top

I love coffee :L <3 i like an caramel latte or just an dark coffee a little milk and no sugar :L :') x

cream and sugar....(: soo good <3
i used to hate coffee, but that was when i used milk.

White ,1 sweetener.

I take my coffee not too strong with milk (not too much) with no sugar.

Love Coffee

milky 3 sugars

I'm old school no latte's for me just cream and sugar lol..

Just cream and sugar. Nothing fancy.



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