where can we rent a coffee dispenser?!

Question: Where can we rent a coffee dispenser?
My friend's and I are holding a performance and wanted to have hot chocolate to serve to the audience, but we don't know how to hold the hot water. We were thinking of a coffee dispenser of sorts - like the kind you find in restaurants/starbucks so that the water can be hot when they pour it out of the dispenser...unless anyone has a better idea? But we don't want to buy a dispenser to only be used for a couple of hours so we want to find a place to rent one, any ideas? By the way we live in Austin, TX for those that know places in the city that can help us

Thanks for any help!


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A good party supply store will have coffee service dispensers for rent

Mm... Hope it helps http://freesth.com/59165/coffee-dispenser


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