coconut milk can i use it straight from the carton?!

Question: Coconut milk can i use it straight from the carton?
have heard coconut milk is good for u but can u buy it ready to drink


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Yes, you can. A brand called Zico sells pure, premium coconut water. The kind I buy (I'm not sure if there are other types of Zico-brand coconut juice) comes in a blue, 1-liter carton. I'm sure you can find it at most stores, including Wal-Mart.

Coconut milk and cocnut water are two different things, people.

Milk = the juice squeezed from the actual flesh
Water = the liquid from the middle of the coconut

Yes you can use either. The milk is a lot richer and thicker.

coconut water is a LOT better for you, they sell it just about anywhere, make sure it's natural coconut water though, and then drink it, apply to your face, whatever :D it's REALLY healthy

of course you can drink it from the carton

Yep. Look for a carton of it at a grocery store.

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