Do you think the milk I bought is still safe?!

Question: Do you think the milk I bought is still safe?
I bought some milk the other day. I left in the car overnight, unopened. As I type this question, it is still unopened. The temperature outside barely hit 30 degrees all day, but I don't know what the temp was in the car. I came out once to get something and then continue on to my class and the gallon felt cool (not really lukewarm; a little cooler than that). I now want to drink my milk and it is quite cold. Do you think it is safe?


why don't you try juuuust a little.
and if its still good, then drink it :)
only way to know ; )

If your car was left outside in the sunlight the temperature inside was likely high enough to spoil the milk. There's no reason to risk illness. So, you should buy new milk.

drink it and if you get Montezuma's revenge, then you know it has gone sour, otherwise you keep on living!

It's not like you'll get food poisoning from tasting it ...

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