What is the flavour of Coke-A-Cola?!

Question: What is the flavour of Coke-A-Cola?
Is it poison?


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Coca-Cola does not contain cola nuts. Nor does it contain cocaine, despite the "Coca" and the "Cola" in the name.

Believe it or not, the main flavoring ingredients in Coca-Cola are vanilla and cinnamon, with other trace ingredients. The bite comes from phosphoric acid (phosphoric acid is used instead of citric acid because it has a more neutral taste). The color comes from caramel.

Real cola nuts have a terrible bitter taste that is nothing like Coca-Cola, and the cocaine in Coca-Cola was removed at the start of the 1900s, when cocaine was outlawed in the United States. The cocaine was replaced with caffeine, a legal stimulant, which is still part of the ingredients today (unless you buy caffeine-free Coke). The caffeine makes the taste more bitter than it would otherwise be.

Cola nuts and caramel flavoring. I'm sure the caffeine adds bite.

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