How do i sneak soda into school?!

Question: How do i sneak soda into school?
Ok so soda is the only thing i drink. (answers only no criticism I am not even talking about machines. They won't let you bring your own from home. They say its compettition. The only thing that they sell is milk. I am in 11th grade if it matters. How do i sneak my sodas in without anyone noticing


put it in one of those metal water bottles, the kind you cant see through. I doubt they would come around and drink out of your water bottles to make sure your not drinking soda. Either that or you could just put a soda in you bookbag, and drink it in the bathroom!

Put it in one of those water bottles that you can't see through, they won't even know. But be careful. Also, try not to drink so much cause it's not healthy for you, maybe try drinking the milk they have or juice, or simply water. Good Luck!!

Put the soda in your backpack and stuff your face in it every time you want a sip of soda. If anyone were just sniffing it. theyll just think you are weird thats all. Or you could..gee i dont know, BUY one from the SODA machines? Just a thought tho.


well during school hrs just take clear soda or mnt dew or sierra mist in a sports bottle...just say its water...cuz then you'll be able to drink in and outta they cant take it from you cuz they'll get in trouble...well at least thats how it was i was in school

Hide the soda under your second belly flab. There's probably so many things hidden in there that they'll never find the soda.

You can go a few hours with out your damn soda

Put it in a water bottle and drink it for lunch.That's what I do.

just take it too school and drink it outside or where there is no teachers

uhhh cant you just put it in your pocket or something? its not like they search you

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