I'm addicted to......?!

Question: I'm addicted to......?
Idk what to get this guy(4 valentines day, do u get him anything?) Were friends but it's kind of more than that we haven't established an actual couple thing yet though..... He is like 15 (he is getting me something supposedly...)If u say sex or anything intimate I will report u and kick u in the face with my hand through my iPod!!!!!!! Thannxxxxx
Btw the only way to get u peoples attention is to put something extreme as ur question title!!!! Sorry


Jeez, answerers, she's just a kid dealing with the anxiety of what to get a friend-not-boyfriend-yet for Valentines' Day! Don't you remember the angst?! If you don't like someone's question, just don't answer it and move on......

Don't give him a gushy card - maybe one you make or a funny one. You could make a card with pics cut out of a magazine for some of the words. What are some things you like to do together? Listen to a certain singer's music? Play a certain video game? Text each other? Watch a TV show? Play basketball? Something you both enjoy that makes him think of you - but nothing too personal and nothing expensive. A collage of things you both like - made so he could hang it in his room at home? Have fun with it.

Like, OMG, whooo caarres!
Go ahead and report and try your moronic hardest, cretin.
And yeah, it is hard to get people's attention when you ask questions as irrelevant and poorly spelled/phrased as this one. And yes, you are sorry.

My first thought is to consider the things he likes. Let's say, for example only, he's totally fascinated with Scotland and scottish culture. Maybe get him some heart-shaped scottish shortbread. it's out there.
Just think of his interests and go from there.

well when i was your age my cousin who is my BFF would tell me to list the things the guy likes or has. From there you'll get an idea of what to get him

or you can ask his friends what he's been wanting lately

If you guys are still friends-ish than you should get him something generic, like a cd or movie he really likes, or take him somewhere cool that he's never been.

you should just dance in the rain while wearing a toga and fruit hat

So your not additced to anything?

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