Is bottled water really as healthy as they say?!

Question: Is bottled water really as healthy as they say?
is bottled water really as healthy as they say i say no because the water bottle is tramatized to plastic chemicals we could get poisioned love carey price's #1 fan


Only if "they" are the bottled water people! Humans have thrived for a very long time drinking tap water. And I have heard a number of doctors saying recently that the amount of water we have been told we must drink has no medical basis. Unless, of course, the medical opinion is COMING FROM THE BOTTLED WATER PEOPLE!!

No. Tap water is much cleaner. The bottled water companies dont have to meet the same filter standards/requirements as tap water companies do. And they DO NOT get exposed to plastic and rusty metal pipes, the pipes are tested regularly, and are a not rustable metal.

clean water in general is healthy. it doesn't matter where it comes from it doesn't have to be purified either.

Tap water also gets exposed to plastic pipes, then rusty metal.


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