I'm very very very thirsty....?!

Question: I'm very very very thirsty....?
What can I do to relive this thirst?


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It's hard to beat a cold glass of water when your thirsty.

Are you always very thirsty or just right now? If you always are you should get checked by your doctor to make sure you don't have diabetes because that is a telling sign.

Your probably dehydrated when your really thirsty soo just drink lotsa water!! stay away from soda, alcohol things like that :)! and what's water? hahhah

don't drink any more water because after you drink some you'll get more thirsty after

Drinking water never helps me when I am really thirsty. About the only thing that helps me is Dr Pepper bc it's my favorite drink!

Bear Grills say that you can drink elephant poo.


Brewed sweet iced tea.

Drink a blue powerade and eat an orange

Water. Anything else will make you thirstier.


drink the blood of an African mule

i heard drinking water works pretty well.


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