What do you think of the idea of taxing non food items such as bottled water, cola,etc.?!

Question: What do you think of the idea of taxing non food items such as bottled water, cola,etc.?
I think it would be great to tax these non food items.


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What makes you think they aren't being taxed. It's called a hidden tax. Done before it hits the shelf. Then there is an excise tax on shipping. Then the sales tax. Alcohol is the highest taxed beverage in the country as well as cigarettes. We don't need no more stinking taxes!!

I wish you would have second thoughts why? This tax at first glance seems harmless enough because it's pitched as an avenue to reduce so called unhealthy foods/drinks. This tax is a means for the government to control you diet. You might say right on but this is big government your talking about , once this tax increase occurs expect other taxes to follow. So many foods you eat daily will be considered unhealthy to eat thus more $$ from you. This will be an insidious process but once the government gets public opinion on their side, after all it sounds great doesn't it -fight obesity? All that is a smoke screen they will soon raise taxes on almost anything. Take cosmetics just for an example, it's taxed but surely some of this is unnecessary or perhaps harmful lets tax it more. Remember who will make these decisions not you but some nameless bureaucrat. Don't let government Start controlling what you eat or drink it may seem harmless even beneficial but big government always has a hidden agenda. By the way will the government transfer this tax money to health clinics that provide help for those obese the answer is no.


i don't think it's a good idea.

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