How come nobody drinks tap water any more?!

Question: How come nobody drinks tap water any more?

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It depends on the city and country. As an example, pretty much everybody drink tap water everyday in Canada. It also depends on the family system, some drinks more juice/colas. I also noticed that when you drink colas for a week or so, and then try tap water again, tap water doesn't taste good, while normally it would. So I suppose that "cola" people could dislike water after a while.

My opinion.

Because we've convinced ourselves that it tastes bad. Here in Baltimore, it's decent and a LOT cheaper than the bottled stuff!

.......there is minerals in tap water, its not even pure water

i do

our Scottish tap water is magnificent, and very cold!
love it

I still do, I even fill up my water bottle with it and take it with me on the go

everyone drinks tap water!

Flawed question. Lots of people drink tap water.

I DO!!!!!!!

its grosss

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