Any suggestions of drinks that I can make using Coffee?!

Question: Any suggestions of drinks that I can make using Coffee?
And preferably anything besides "Make a Coffee"... Hahah!

But yes, I'm just a touch bored with the coffee, milk, sugar combo. Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions to do something more interesting with generic 'instant coffee'. Like a Macchiato... I have no idea what it is or what it's like... but I want one... so bad.

Also, if possible please add some simple instructions, thank you! :D


Maybe you could try some simple syrups? Such as caramel.. or Vanilla? Maybe even banana.. I work in a Restaurant and we have a pretty snazzy coffee machine with a wide selection of "Monin" Syrups that we use to make cocktails with so I am always experimenting with them to make lovely new froffy coffee's.. I guess you could use them with instant coffees too.. cause they are basically flavoured sugar syrups so you wouldn't actually need to add extra sugar.

When I lived in Greece the common coffee drink was a Frappé.

Put ur instant coffee in the bottom of a shaker (or tall glass) add a little water, shake it or mix it until it makes a froth, add ice, fill with water, add sugar if you like, add milk if you like and serve as a tall frothy drink.

Very nice in summer and winter if you fancy it :)


Lived in athens for a while

i am not an expert on coffee, but i love adding spice to coffee like cinnamon or nutmeg, oh and even better i liek to warm up my milk before i put it in my coffee and put some whipped cream and caramel on top. YUM.

My most favorite drink that I have EVERY morning...a Cafe Mocha. A 8-12 oz mug filled with coffee and a packet of Swiss Miss (or other cocoa).

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