how to make hot chocolate with milk?!

Question: How to make hot chocolate with milk?
Everyone I know loves hot chocolate. I have quite a sweet tooth, so I decided to try it. I used cadburys powder hot chocolate, with kettle boiled water. I'm only 13, so I can't boil anything over the oven. I didn't like it, so my friend said I should try it with Milk. From what I've read, you can't boil milk in a kettle. Please tell me how to make one asap, because I would really like a hot chocolate right now :) xxx


Don't put milk in the kettle!

Put a mug filled with milk into the microwave for 2 and a half minutes. Then when you take it out - scoop four heaped tea spoons full of the Cadbury's powder into the mug and stir until it dissolves. Then add a tea spoon of sugar. More if you desire. Top it with squirty cream if you can, and marshmallows. If not, it's just as good without!

Me, I make 'em all the time ;). It's so quick, easy and tasty. I also make them for my 13 year old sister and she's a fan. Try it.

Put the chocolate powder in a glass, add a little bit of milk, then mix it vigorously into a smooth paste. Then add a bit more milk and repeat, so that you have a very thick liquid. Then heat it up in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Take it out and stir it well, then gradually add more milk and stir until the glass is full. The result should be a very smooth, tasty glass of hot chocolate.

Most powders say to mix with water, but mixing with milk works better. If you want something really fancy, try using cream, or half cream, half milk. You can also make it more exotic by adding a dash of powdered cinnamon, or a stirring in a teaspoon of malted milk.

I don't know that powder, because I am Dutch. But when it's unsweetened, like the cacao we use here in the Netherlands, here's my way:
put a spoon of cacao plus a spoon of sugar into a cup. Add a little bit if hot (tap) water (doesn't have to boil). Stir till it's properly mixed. Put a cup of milk into the microwave or into a little sauce pan on the stove and heat it, pour it on top of the mix, and stir :-)

i'd use a jug to heat the milk (same amount as a cup) in the microwave for about a minute and a half. put 3 tsps of powder in your cup mix a tiny bit of milk to make a paste than pour in the milk and mix together. I find if you put the powder into the milk you get lumps...this way you don't :)


I normally heat the milk in a microwave (in a microwaveable cup), then add the power when it's hot.

Just make sure you use a non-metal cup. And heat the milk for only a minute at a time, and then stir, then heat more if needed (becasue heat for too long and it burns, which is disgusting :p)

Well. I usually mix milk, cocoa powder, and some sugar in a saucepan and stir over medium heat on a stove. It tastes great. But sometimes I'm really lazy so I just mix those ingredients in a cup and warm it up in a microwave. Doesn't taste the same though, still good nonetheless.

You can put the milk in a mug
then put the mug in the microwave for about 1minute 30 seconds
when you get the hot milk out, stir the chocolate powder in (about 3 teaspoons)
that should do the trick

put a cup of milk in the microwave for a couple minutess.. enough to get hot and add your hot chocolate :o) i do it all the time :o)

you dont need to boil it,,... you cant drink it that hot anyway, just heat it til its hot , my mic, about 1 min for a cup ( Mug )

put the cup of milk in the microwave, when it comes out stir the powder in. ps it tastes much better then water kind.

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