Can a 13 year old buy a Monster?!

Question: Can a 13 year old buy a Monster?
Now i know the title for this question is a lot similar to another one of my questions... but this is totally different.
So i tried to buy a Monster at 7-Eleven and couldnt....
But can I buy a Monster at Albertsons though?
By the way,Im just asking this so I don't go to the store like an idiot and try to buy one but cant.


yes i did at walmart while i was going to buy milk for my my mom.and i wanted a monster so i bought one and it was okay i just could only buy one.

personal reference.

This happened to my friends daughter. It's just the person at the store being a jerk. It's not illegal for you to buy energy drinks.

Yes, that 7/11 Ahboo fellow was a hater - perfectly legal drink



Go back and buy two n if he says something flick him off and run


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