When is the best time to drink water?!

Question: When is the best time to drink water?
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When is the best time to drink more water?
Is mid morning a good time?
How about half an hour after exercising on a treadmill?
Will I still lose some weight like that?

I'm drinking 3 cups a night an hour before bed but I don't want to force myself like this anymore.


There is no specific time to drink water.

One time NOT to drink water is in the last two hours before bedtime. All that water will just wake you up for you to go to the bathroom. Silly and easy to avoid.

A general rule, you should drink enough water that your pee is NOT bright yellow. No need to follow any rules of this or that, just drink enough to keep you pee light coloured.

I have worked in very hot areas and learned to adjust my water intake to suit.

The best time to drink water is probably on a hot day or after a big game. When you exercise maybe. You will lose weight though say if your on a treadmill drinking water has no fats in it so you wont get fatter at all plus being on a treadmill makes you loose weight. I would usually drink a couple cups of water each day but don't force yourself to because you might experience vomiting all of it up one day. Hope this helps :)

Just whenever you get thirsty drink two glasses instead of a sip. And don't drink more than two glasses within thirty minutes. After a while you will get addicted to all the water.

Morning is the best time to drink a lot of water. You can also drink after exercise. I suggest that dont drink too much water before you sleep. You can drink 2hrs before you sleep to prevent GERD,.

All the time! But don't drown yourself.

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