Which tea has the most caffeine?!

Question: Which tea has the most caffeine?
I need to give up coffee sadly but I still would like something to drink that has a kick to it for my mornings. I was thinking trying tea but what kind/brand of tea is going to work the best? Also, what makes a good tea (cream, sugar, honey)?


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Actually, black tea does not necessarily have the most caffeine! There's no real pattern about black tea, green tea, white, or oolong containing more or less caffeine -- it more depends on the individual tea. I've actually researched this topic extensively and I have a page that explains what determines how much caffeine is in a given tea:


Also, "tippy" teas contain much more caffeine than teas made of older, more mature leaves. Breakfast teas are usually strong because they contain a lot of tippy Assam tea, which gives them more caffeine. But what this means is that tippy white teas, like silver needle, are also very high in caffeine. Silver needle, Yunnan pure gold, and other teas made exclusively of buds are going to be the highest in caffeine.

If you want a very strong, dark, black tea, your best bet is Tippy Assam or Yunnan Gold. I really, really like Yunnan gold and would recommend it if you can find some: http://ratetea.net/style/yunnan-gold/150…

Also, if you want a change of pace, you might try looking at a green tea like Gyokuro, Matcha, or Anji Bai Cha. These green teas contain a lot of L-theanine (all tea has some but these teas have the most). Theanine interacts with caffeine so that a smaller dose of caffeine will give you more of a boost. Some people say they find these teas boost concentration more than just straight tea.


As to your question about what kind is best and what makes a good tea, that's largely a matter of personal taste. I would encourage you to try different teas for yourself and experiment preparing them in different ways. I have a page about brewing tea if you want a few ideas or tips: http://ratetea.net/topic/brewing-tea/6/

Also, that site I link to has a ton of other info about tea, if you want to locate and read more on the different styles of tea. Tea is pretty exciting. I'm sure if you give it some time you will find it just as fulfilling as coffee, if not more so!


Typically black teas contain more caffeine than others. A cup of black in the morning with a bit of cream is delicious, but some people prefer to add sugar (if you like your coffee sweet, you'll probably like your tea sweet). Adding honey is good too but I don't like to take honey and cream in my tea at the same time. Green teas also tend to have a lot of caffeine, but usually not more than black tea.

But keep in mind that some teas have more caffeine than coffee. If you were told to avoid coffee for a medical condition, you should probably consult your doctor about tea as well.

earl grey or english breakfast, or pretty much any breakfast tea has the most caffeine. avoid and chamomile tea, because that will make you sleepy! i drink my tea straight usually, but it can be good with honey & lemon.

matcha tea has the most caffeine because you drink the leafs too and the most caffeine stays in the leafs and doesnt go into the water

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