how do you make a strawberry and banana smoothie?!

Question: How do you make a strawberry and banana smoothie?
give me your best recipes please! i always get one from mcdonalds and they're soooo good!
Help me make the best one that i will love thanks!:D


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The healthiest way to make a tasty strawberry banana smoothie is to use frozen strawberries, a banana, low-fat milk, and low-fat vanilla yogurt. Blend them all together and more add banana or strawberries as you see fit. Yum!

mmm..........well, heres what u do.
get vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberies, sugar(to taste) and some milk
put it all in a blender and ...VOILA best milkshake ever.

also, try the orio milkshake. mmmmmm, orios and icecream in a blender....BOOM best thing ever!!!

Frozen strawberries, banana, juice, yogurt and blend.

Starwberries, banana, ice, orange juice - perhaps add some yogurt, sherbet, or sorbee as well.

i make mine with strawberries, bananas, ice, milk, and a little bit of strawberry sorbet.

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