I have had too much caffeine...?!

Question: I have had too much caffeine...?
I don't usually drink coffee,
But I recently started (last 3 days)
today I was extra tired so I had 3 mugs of straight coffee (three teaspoons in each)
I am feeling light headed and sick.
What should I do?


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lay off the coffee, drink a bunch of water too, caffeine is a diuretic and a lot of it will quickly dehydrate you.

You should maybe stop taking and having so much caffeine all at once, probably because your body is not used to it. Take small amounts different times and you'll feel better. :)

Trust me nothing bad happens I drank 6 Starbucks coffies in an hour and I felt like that, you should be fine.

The hard way

That or youre just not used to coffee and youre getting sick

oh yessss it happens your best option get fresh air(cold one) and let time decide

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