What do you like better pepsi or coke ?!

Question: What do you like better pepsi or coke ?
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Pepsi. Sweeter

Coke is the real thing; Pepsi is the imitation. I prefer Coke. This is the second most asked question in the Food and Drink category, after 'What's your favorite food?'.

I prefer Pepsi because the taste is a lot better than Coke. Coke seems just sort of randomly a dull taste to it, there's no 'special ting in your throat when you drink it'.


I'm having diet pepsi right now, but I'd have to say coke
although it gives you gas and makes you hyper. ;)

Coke is heaps better pepsi is too sweet though each aren't good for ya. Coca cola make the best soft drinks!


Wait there is a difference!!?!?!?!?!?!
XD pepsi

Diet Pepsi..

i agree pepsi is better

coke.....pepsi is a wannabe coke -pepsi is still good though


Coke, Pepsi tastes weird to me now.

Coke....Pepsi tastes too sweet.

Coke, No Question :P

I love both.

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