does caffine in coffee make u feel high if consumed with out dillution,i.e. wid out addin milk of water?!

Question: Does caffine in coffee make u feel high if consumed with out dillution,i.e. wid out addin milk of water?

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If caffeine makes you feel "high" as you call it, then adding milk or water will not change the effect the caffeine has on you. It may just make it more (or less) tastier to drink. Given that you drink the same amount, any additives will not change the amount of caffeine.

All the milk does is add a different flavor to the coffee and make it cooler. It doesn't dilute the presence of the caffeine at all, assuming you'd be putting the same amount of coffee in the mug (and, if unless you take your coffee really light and only fill it half way before adding milk, I'm going to guess that there's not much of a difference between how full the cup would be).
Not to mention that caffeine doesn't affect the brain the same way most drugs would or not in the way I assume you mean. Caffiene makes you more alert (it keeps you from becoming drowsy), it can make you nervous, irritable, increases the rate of urination, raises blood pressure, stimulates your heart, lungs and central nervous system, as well as a few other things.

In short, it makes you an obnoxious, hyperactive brat if you drink more than your body can handle.

Caffeine will have a physiological effect no matter how you consume it. I'm not sure I would describe it as a high.

black you mean.
not really. when i see "make you feel high..." i think of being stoned and no i dont feel stoned.

Not high, it sure effects your system.



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