ideas for non alcoholic punch please?!

Question: Ideas for non alcoholic punch please?
hi there,
i have 30 teenagers coming to a chinese new years/ birthday party on saturday can anyone give me any good ideas for NON ALCOHOLIC punch (yes i know theyd probably prefer alcoholic but theyre only thirteen and fourteen years old so they not having it under my watch!!!!)
also any good chinese names to call the punch would be fantastic. all sensible answers really appreciated.
many thanks xxx


this is an amazing punch, i always get asked for the recipe..
4 c. sugar
6 c. water
46 oz. can unsweetened pineapple juice
46 oz. can unsweetened orange juice OR
12 oz. can frozen orange juice diluted to make an equal amount
5 lg. bananas, fairly ripened (pureed in blender with some of the sugar-water)
Food coloring of choice (optional)
Juice of two lemons
2 qts. Ginger ale (or club soda for a less sweet taste, I do one of each)

Boil water and sugar in pan for 3 minutes, let cool. Add pineapple juice & orange juice. Mash or blend bananas until very smooth; add lemon juice. Combine these mixtures and freeze in cans or bowls. (I cut the top off of clean ? gallon milk containers & use them)
Remove from freezer 4-6 hours before serving. Mash until lumps are gone. Should be icy. Pour ginger ale over this and serve at once. It is easy to divide in half and pour 1 quart over it at a time. This will fill most punch bowls. Refill with other half.

Just use apple or grape juice instead of wine.Add a little powdered ginger, cloves, and/or other spices.Best to boil the spices in water first, strain and cool before adding to juice. Add lemon juice and segmented mandarins, sliced apple and some grapes and/or other small fruits.

Tons of non alcoholic punch recipes are here - just left click link :……

fruit juices mixed with soda such as sprite/7up/flavored ginger ale with fruit sherbet in it

mix loads of juices together and add fruit salad

buy it at the store

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