Does 5 hour energy affect you in a negative way?!

Question: Does 5 hour energy affect you in a negative way?
I can feel jittery if I have more than a cup of coffee. I haven't tried energy drinks because i'm scared they will cause my heart to race. I had a really bad experience with takeing Nodoze pills once and am very leary to try something that is supposed to really wake you up. I have heard that 5 hour energy isn't supposed to make you jittery or make your heart race. What is your experience? Do you know someone who has got jittery or had a racing heart?


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ur not suppose to mix that with other caffiene

I get jittery when I drink coffee also and one time during a very long road trip I decided to buy the 5 Hour Energy instead of a coffee to reduce the jittery/uneasy feeling and it worked great. I didn't get the shakes and I didn't crash. That was the best part.

No i was pissed off the shot i took didn't do anything to me i felt the same, im a huge energy drinker i love my Rock-star, and i love the feeling of being " wired " and i hate coffee, but that 5 hour energy is crap !

i used it ,it works great but i started using it daily so i got used to it so it didnt work on me as much as it used isnt harmful though

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