I need more energy without energy drinks ?!

Question: I need more energy without energy drinks ?
I work 7 days a week and I'm 21. I don't want to drink tuns of coffee or energy drinks because I. Get bad heartburn and all they do is make it worse. I eat healthy and I sleep as much as I can


What do you eat?

If you eat white bread, white rice, white pasta, switch to wholegrain. It is a better source of energy, and releases it over a long period of time.

Snack on bananas and nuts - those are high-energy and healthy.

Make sure you're getting at least 8 cups of water per day, to help make sure your body's functioning as it should.

Start the day with some wholegrains and protein (oatmeal or wholegrain bread and eggs/cheese or meat, or a big serving of milk or yogurt).

Snack (healthily) often. Many people find their energy levels stay higher if they have 5 or 6 small meals instead of three big ones, or at least have decent healthy snacks between meals.

Try green or oolong tea. They deliver a much more gentle, natural dose of caffeine than coffee does.

Get a bit of exercise in the morning, and do a quick stretching routine. It can perk you up for the whole day.

>Getting in a good 30 minute fast pace exercise everyday can increase energy.
>My mom takes vitamins everyday and she says they help.
>Also a friend told me that eating more organic fruits and veggies and lighter foods can help too. Heavy foods like steak and potatoes make you sleepy.
I don't know about the organic crap, but working out helps me.

Many people have to eat something ever 3 hours or so to stay energized. You may be one of those folks. So, I recommend that you eat a snack that is healthy like fruit or veggies or a protein drink or snack. Personally, I eat jerky or meat sticks to tide me over until the next meal.

Eat an apple.


Fruit will be your best friend :-D I always have fruit for breakfast. Whether it's dried or fresh, give you great energy. Keep that energy up through the day by snacking on almonds or yogurt.


Try a energy bar.


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