I don't understand this redbull commercial?!

Question: I don't understand this redbull commercial?
The one when the boy goes into confession. He says "forgive me father I've been with a loose women".
He try's to get it out of him, and then he say's "okay..well that's 40 hail mary's for you son".
Then he comes out and his friend's like "how'd it go?".
He said "Got two more ladies".

1. How'd he get two more ladies?
2. How's that using wings?


my hubby didn't get it either. the kid says he's been with a loose woman, and when he refuses to "kiss and tell," the priest starts naming theloose women he knows. when the kid says he has 2 more leads,he means the priest gave him the names of 2 loose women he didn't already know about. the wings part is the genius it took to sucker the priest into giving up names of loose women. get it?

my brain

I'm not to sure but maybe he had been with 38 women and thought 'Hail Mary's ment women' and maybe the word 'wings' is play onn words for wing man? lol i have no idea

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