They asked for ID while i was buying energy drinks?:/?!

Question: They asked for ID while i was buying energy drinks?:/?
Im 16 and since energy drinks contain no alcohol why they hell did they woman ask for my ID?
I said i dont have an ID + it isnt alcohol.
then she said, well im sorry i cant sell them to you then.
What the hell? why did she ask this??


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Some stores have guidelines they follow individually. In some stores you have to be 21 or older to buy mature rated video games. It's up to the individual store to decide as long as it doesn't directly break federal law.
They must think they are doing a good thing. . .

Energy drinks are slowly being shown as the monsters they really are: A cocktail of addictive additives, Gensing, taurine, and a hell of a lot of other ingrdients that can cause you to drink them, On top of that, recently energy drinks with alcohol have been showing up.

Its essentially like alcohol, if you irresponsible you can do some serious damage, plus it depends on the state

I would have said "OK I'll spend my money elsewhere from now on" and left all my other products on the counter and walked out never to spend a dime in that place again.

Im pretty shore that its a law in some states that if youre under 18 you cant buy energy drinks

what state do you live in?

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