what are healthy energy drinks?!

Question: What are healthy energy drinks?
sometimes i need to study late but get tired i drink monster like 2 -3times a month but i know thats bad for you whats a alternative and dont say water or xs energy drink cause it doesn't work


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NATURAL LIME JUICE about a cup works

As I explained before, we could all use that extra energy through out the course of the day, especially in those afternoon stages after we have just eat and our food is digested. The main and obvious benefit of energy drinks is the energy. Not hard, we all know that, but common energy drinks such as Monster, RedBull, and Amp are not meant to be healthy.

I would skip them all together. Start taking a b-complex supplement. When you need energy in a pinch, opt for some caffinated tea. Add a lil sweet n low if u want to sweeten it. Hope it helps.

i couldn't stay awake do I started using b complex drops and they work for me.

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