Who invented the tea bag and when?!

Question: Who invented the tea bag and when?
Some little important things go unnoticed. I was making my tea this evening and it just hit me that oh, what a bright idea that was or else I would be choking with some tea leaves. By Tim Ziki.


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Well it all started way back in 2001 when Halo: Combat Evolved was first released. Tea bagging as it soon became called was a huge form of humiliation to other players after they were killed in the game. It involves crouching over the other player's face which gives the appearance that genitals were just placed in the face of your dead body. It now appears in many first person shooters across all the consoles except for PC because those guys actually show some class.

Actual Tea Bagger

Wholesale tea salesmen used to carry samples of their tea in little folded-paper pouches so the prosepctive customer could try the tea. It grew from there, when someone realized what an excellent idea it was.


Some asshole playing a douche prank..... Ohhhh not that kind of te bag

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