What energy drink has the most caffeine?!

Question: What energy drink has the most caffeine?
I read online that Blast Powder has 300mg of caffeine. I don't know of an energy drink/supplement that has more.


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Well when you think you say energy drinks but actually if you mix sugar with energy drinks all in one it might be good or might be bad , depends on the energy drinks that you mix ..... Sugar make's many bubbles and those bubbles on the energy drink woth the ingredients from the energy drink cause somehow to increase the coffeine ................

Homemade energy drinks. I take 1000 mgs worth of caffeine pills and grind them up. I dissolve that in Mountain Dew and drink it. My heart beats really hard, i break out in a sweat, and feel like I need to vomit when I do this.

be careful 800mg of caffeine can cause cardiac arrest

dont worry about the caffiene level. Too much caffiene is overkill and it wont make a big difference

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