I have a huge problem?!

Question: I have a huge problem?
So yesterday I was using my computer yesterday, when it suddenly just shut down.
I assumed it would just turn on After a couple hours, but it still hasn't.
I called the customer service, but they werent any help.
Ive been trying everything but it wont turn on.
It has all of my work on it, including a report that took me 3 weeks to complete and I haven't printed it out yet.
Then, I took a break from trying to get the computer to work to get some coffee.
I ended up spilling coffee everywhere.
What's the best way to get coffee stains out of a cotton shirt?


fire, and lots of it

Wash your shirt with detergent with lots of scrubbing well if do it immediately it would help.

i would be more worried about the computer than the shirt .......

Something smells fishy about this question slick Willy!

oxy-clean, but you have to use it soonish..like dont wait days

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