How much black tea should you have in a day?!

Question: How much black tea should you have in a day?
I am a 15 year old boy and i drink around 3-6 cups of black tea a day with 2 packets of equal and a splash of milk. Is this a normal intake of tea? Also i have a fairly high tolerance for caffeine so it is not an issue and i can have a cup before bed if i want.


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This is a normal amount of tea. Tea contains much less caffeine than coffee, 15-75mg a cup so even if this is very strong tea, 6 cups would be under 500mg, and it's probably much less. The general recommendation is that over 500mg of caffeine daily is harmful, but different people are different. You can read more about the caffeine here:…

As to other effects of tea, there aren't that many negative effects, it's pretty safe to drink in quantity (much more so than coffee, which is harsher on your stomach). The most important thing is to listen to your body: if you feel fine, you're probably fine.

There is one other possible negative effect of tea, which is that it can inhibit iron absorption. This is more of an issue for women and more of an issue for vegetarians because tea only inhibits dairy and vegetable sources of iron, not meat. So if you're not at risk for this, I wouldn't worry about it. If you are, you can just make sure to avoid drinking tea before or during a meal, and instead drink it afterwards. There's some info on this on this page of mine:… - I plan to write a full article on that topic but I have just not done so yet!

2 to 3 cups a day at most.

i would say 3 is the max, so, yeah, you drink way too much of it.

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