Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?!

Question: Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

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Coke! (:


Both contain aspartame.

Neither for me. Diet beverages are full of chemicals, even more than original.

Both. Brand never matters for me but it has to be normal flavoured diet cola for me.

Dude. The pepsi is a copy of Cococola so it is too shameful to drink

neither, if you're on a diet you shouldn't be drinking soda anyway

i like coke better as long as it's cold as possible


Neither there both RANK

But if i had to choose it'de be Diet Coke.

for years it was coke - now i'm into pepsi - i think Pepsi is sweeter ..

Diet pepsi

Me :)

Neither, Coke Zero is the best!

Diet Pepsi.

would have to be diet coke, hate pepsi!

I prefer diet Pepsi.

Neither, they both rot your teeth.

Diet Coke!!!

Pepsi all the way!




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