I like donuts but they make me fat?!

Question: I like donuts but they make me fat?
I love donuts they taste so good but they make me fat


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Don't eat so many

That isn't a question. It's a statement.

Perhaps you should try:
I like donuts, but why do they make me fat?
I like donuts. Will they make me fat?
I like donuts. Will they make me phat?

The answers to those questions in that order are: high calories; yes; doubtful

That's called a dilemma

Once I hit a certain age I stopped eating donuts .. .and sausage.

Life is about the choices we make. Enjoy your donuts and walk an extra 4 hours a week ... or not

I like donuts but if I eat one for breakfast remember there are many types of pastry. Always try different things.


u can eat but if u eat too much obviously its gonna make u fat just try not to eat too much..

Don't eat them then! Or, make them into a once a week treat on a day where you only eat soup!!!

about 400 calories per doughnut.



they don't like you obviously...

eat less donuts :)

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