is there a table grams to spoons?!

Question: Is there a table grams to spoons?
to tell you from grams= spoons


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Actually, there are conversions between the two; of course the total won't be the same for butter and sugar.

For instance (for US tablespoon):
1 tablespoon of water weighs 14.79 grams
1 tablespoon of table salt weighs 18.25 grams
1 tablespoon of butter weighs 14.19 grams
1 tablespoon of oil (canola or soy) weighs 13.62 grams
1 tablespoon of sugar (granulated) weighs 12.5 grams
1 tablespoon of sugar (brown) weighs 13.8 grams (packed)

I use weight instead of volume for flour when baking and for my coffee (I weigh whole beans before grinding)…

Not really as you're talking about both weight (grams) and volume (spoons). They're not the samest things.

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