What is your favorite soda?!

Question: What is your favorite soda?
I'm selling soda at school, but my locker only fits 4 slots of 12 packs. So I was wondering which kinds are most liked, to have more of the school buy from me.


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Jones Soda:
Most kids have easy access to Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc, and could keep some in their own lockers if they wanted. With Jones Soda, you could offer new flavors (with kids wanting to know who has tried the latest flavors).

id sell pepsi, sprite, dr pepper, and sunkist.
those would be something that everyone would buy

mountain dew, dr pepper, coca-cola, pepsi

coke is probably the most popular :)

Obviously Cola or Pepsi



Ask your consumers what they want sell the top four.

coca cola

Maybe Root beer

R C is what I Drink

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