Diet soda's.. Just heard "can" cause strokes?!

Question: Diet soda's.. Just heard "can" cause strokes?
I just heard this on the evening News on NBC


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Probably almost anything could cause a stroke, as long as you don't drink super human amounts of the stuff, you'll be fine. :)

It was one study that didn't take into account other factors that could contribute to it. Those behind it also stated that more studies need to be done and it's not definitive. (One researcher pointed out that the people in the study could have been eating cheeseburgers and fries with their diet sodas, which would contribute more to the heart attack and stroke factors.)

they can do a lot more than that, they can destroy joints, eat up the calcium in them, also create bad mood swings, give yous seizures, theyre nasty, which is why i dont drink them anymore, not for almost 2yrs

Well, I dont know about strokes but a lot of diet soda has aspartame which is a known cancer causing chemical.

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