Which is better, red bull or five hour energy?!

Question: Which is better, red bull or five hour energy?
I am looking for an efficient energy drink.


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doesnt matter, both will eventually kill you.

I would say Stevia from what I have read, my gut feeling is that Sucralose whilst likely to make you a bit tubby is much better than the evil " aspartame" or "NutraSweet" as coke sometimes call it. Interestingly people have asked what is the best energy drink, first I would say one with "real sugar" or of course Stevia. Secondly one with a relatively low caffeine count. For me Mountain dew is good because its so sweet that you wouldn't drink too much but tastes relatively "fresh" It has no dreaded sweeteners only 50 kcal per can(440ml which is a lot), 12 g of sugar ( a lot but relatively less than red bull and relentless etc) it is also only 18 mg caffeine per 100ml which is around 80 mg of caffeine per can a regular coke can is about just over half the size and has around 42 mg per can so this drink is not at the ridiculous levels of the other that are 32mg per 100ml. Unless their is something I am missing I think its a good drink for a good price.


5hr is a better choice because it is made out of all-natral ingredients. red bull is basically putting u on a sugar high to keep u awake and 5hr energy is keeping u awake. and 5hr really works

Monster but make sure you eat well before it. Don't exercise while you drink Monster, you have feel light headed.

Four Loko

red bull

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