i had way too much coffee!!?!

Question: I had way too much coffee!!?
i am 13 years old and i had 4 cups of coffee cuz i had a big project due 2morrow. i usually drink like a coke a day or so so i dont hav 2 much caffine my body reacts regularly 2 caffeine i get energized but i had way toooooo much 2night. my leg is twitching and my chest hurts every once in a while. its not un bearable but i was wondering if working out wud b bad since im wide awake i wanted 2 do something 2 release sum energy but i've heard tht can giv u a heart attack. soooo what should i do!!!! PLZ HELP ME!!!


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Calm down, Sweetie. The caffeine in 4 cups of coffee will not cause a heart attack, though you may have increased heart rate, sweating, shakiness. Best thing to do is eat a heavy meal, drink plenty of water, and maybe go for a walk to get out some of the jitters. It will subside in a few hours. I have overdone it with coffee a time or two, and it sucks, but it will go away.

Stfu. You can work out it will make no difference, drink some water. If a heart attack is in route then it is in route but I really doubt your going to have anything happen to you other than a night lacking rem sleep. So you will be tired tomorrow. Now shake it off dumbass.

Your body has to metabolize it, drink some water. Working out may help speed that up, you are probably safe from heart attack at that level of caffeine especially at your age.


Watch T.V. Working out will just wake you up more. 4 cups and not ever having much Caffine? Man.. You're gunna be up all night! Might as well get comfortable!

You should drink lots of water. Just like you should when you get a hangover.

How would it give you a heart attack???? be sensible

nt tht much bt yh for 13

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