How do I make a Ginseng Cooler?!

Question: How do I make a Ginseng Cooler?
Somebody is offered a Ginseng Cooler in the film 'Juno'. I want to know what's in it (apart from Ginseng) and how I can make it?


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There are recipes for a ginseng cooler, ginseng tea and ginseng ginger tea on my website where, incidentally, you can buy ginseng root sliced and ready to use.

Anyway, Ginseng cooler. ginseng is a pretty tasty and complex herb so the ingredient list is very short. Take a 1 litre bottle of water, put a medium sized ginseng root in it, Put the bottle in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. In the morbing you will have an extremely refreshing and uplifting cold drink. I usually make a bottle to take when I go backpacking or climbing because it gives you a bit of an energy boost!

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