top 3 drinks at fast foods?!

Question: Top 3 drinks at fast foods?
what are your 3 favourite drinks at any fastfood , including "starbucks". don't pick 2 of the same kind, but different flavour, from the same fast food. Example, don't say "caramel krushem" and "oreo krushem" from KFC , say just krushem.
do not mention coca cola, pepsi, or fanta


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starbucks-pumpkin spice latte
jamba juice-mango smoothie
beverages-pink lemonade

Starbucks- caramel coffe
McDonald's- hi c Orange

Starbucks- Coffee pumpkin frapachino
Jamba-Berry Fufilling
Black Rock- Blended Carmel Blondie

hot chocolate-mcdonalds
ice tea lemonade-starbucks
mango slushi-taco bell :)


hot chocolate
black tea lemonade
passion fruit tea

Orange soda
Apple Juice
Ice Tea

mocha frap

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