What do YOU prefer?? coca cola or pepsi?!

Question: What do YOU prefer?? coca cola or pepsi?
and why!


i like both, but Coke is better to me. Coke has a more "crisp" strong classic taste and is so good its addicting, to me it's the best tasting soda ever. pepsi is good, its more sweet but not as good as coke.

Probably Pepsi.. it might just be me or something but I think that Coke coats your teeth or something and it makes them feel gritty and horrible. I dont know if that's just me or what, but I hate it and much prefer Pepsi :p

I would prefer Pepsi over Coca Cola because Coke has more sugar and makes your teeth feel strange. Pepsi has more taste and has less sugar. thats me though, I think your going to get a 1,000,000 different answers.

i like coca cola more because pepsi seems a bit watery to me


I would rather drink pepsi. Coca cola tastes weird to me.

my tastebuds lol

I strongly prefer Coca Cola.

Diet Pepsi Max, hell yeah. More caffeine and ginseng. Gets you going better than Coke or Pepsi!

coca cola has a better taste but pepsi is ok just a little sweeter than coke

Diet Pepsi..

Coke...the classic!



My sweetie drinks pepsi

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