Where can I buy some NEW coke or Coke II?!

Question: Where can I buy some NEW coke or Coke II?
Coke has generally stopped making it, BUT I've heard it is still floating around here and there, and in very limited areas can be purchased! If anyone knows of where I can buy some PLEASE let me know. I'm nostalgic for the stuff, and it's MUCH better than the original!


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New Coke became known as Coke II in 1990. According to Snopes.com, it holds 0.1% of market share. It's no longer available in the U.S., but desperate folks can find it online.


Can you be please more specific. Are you talking about like the original with glass bottle and cane sugar instead HCFS?

I live in IL where Dominicks and Jewel are dominant grocery centers. They don't usually carry them. To find them I usually have to go to a special gourmet store or ethnic grocery shop/european grocery store (like LIDL). There are many around, especially in urban areas. They usually have Mexican coke which is like original.

Try to look for special sections (international) in your store and if you cannot find then find smaller specialized stores.

hmmmm try calling the company thats alwyas helpful

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