which bottled water contains the least amount of fluoride?!

Question: Which bottled water contains the least amount of fluoride?
ok so far ive got Evian water with a very low amount of fluoride 0.2ppm-0.4ppm of natural leached in fluoride, meaning the fluoride it self occurs in the water and is not purposely added.

Poland springs 0.012ppm- 0.10ppm which is even better

Smart water- no data

and arrowhead water 0.5ppm-1.7ppm which is insanely over dosed


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Well, it should come as no surprise that the bottled water industry's trade association (International Bottled Water Association -- IBWA) is not publically forthcoming with an authoritative list, although they should be the logical candidate to do so.

Most of the lists out there seem to show those brands that DO contain fluoride, but it's much tougher to find anything comprehensive and credible that should non-fluoridated brands.

We have this thread from the Google Answers, listing a few no-fluoride choices:

Somehow, somebody got hold of an IBWA list of members, showing brands with and without fluoride. I couldn't find this on the bottlers' association website, http://bottledwater.org, so I can't confirm the authenticity of this source. But looking at it, I think it only shows brands where fluoride has been explicitly added by the bottler, and that would not take into account bottlers who use water that already has fluoride content.

According to Mercola.com, a large percentage of bottled water just comes from the tap, and with nearly 70% of the U.S. water system fluoridated, it's clear that many brands will contain fluoride.

You also might want to check the Environmental Working Group for a recent study they performed on bottled water labeling, showing that most brands are not forthcoming about what they put into their water.

The study itself does list a few brands that label transparently about their products' contents. Unfortunately, the study provides no way to identify fluoride free brands.


I wish an industry insider would put such a list together.

any spring bottle would have very low amounts

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